Intona products are engineered and made in Germany. We ship daily worldwide.

IP Core Modules for FPGA use

Intona offers sophisticated modules for audio digital signal processing and multimedia data transmission purposes. The IP cores have been successfully deployed in real devices using Xilinx Spartan, Artix and Kintex FPGA. Some modules where also deployed on Lattice ECP5 using the Yosys/Nextpnr open source toolchain. All modules are written in Verilog.

Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter

Ultra-low Latency, Small Footprint

Lattice Ladder IIR Filters

Lowest Distortion, Analog Feeling

True-RMS Compressor/Limiter

plus zero-delay Peak Limiter

I2S/TDM Transceiver

Very Small Footprint

Ethernet Transceiver MAC

Low Latency Media Transport

Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver MAC

Small Footprint

Gigabit AVB Endpoint

Audio Video Bridging

Precision lin/log functions

log10(x) and 10x

AES67 audio streaming endpoint

Project name: AVALOT