Intona products are engineered and made in Germany. We ship daily worldwide.

Individually characterized

Best-in-class signal transfer by impedance controlled design, double shielding and stronger power lines.

  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed cable for highest demands
  • Impedance controlled design
  • Suitable for data and media applications
  • Individually characterized with different performance levels
  • Intona Double Shielding Technology (IDS) and stronger power lines

Signal Integrity

The key to highest Signal Integrity? Constant Impedance vs. cable length...

  • Highest possible impedance continuity is a key for excellent signal integrity
  • Any change in impedance causes a reflection of energy
  • The reflected energy causes echo effects which disturb original signal
  • The resulting effects are similar to those of Jitter - the natural enemy in any audiophile HiFi-System
  • Intona's Innovation: the first commercial USB 2.0 Hi-Speed cable offering a visible and measured level of impedance continuity

Perfomance Grades


our standard grade but much better than USB 2.0 specs


for highest demands


only a small percentage of cables reach this ultimate performance level

IDS & More

Intona Double Shielding Technology (IDS)

  • Maximium safety to prevent from ESD, RFI and EMI by applying 2 shielding layers
  • Inner shielding using a synthetic / metallic laminate plus braid
  • Additional outer shielding – braided wire made from tinned copper filaments

Stronger power lines

  • reliable and stable 5V power supply wires for any external device
  • much stronger power lines compared to other cables

Premium material selection

  • For our professional USB cable, we have selected the finest materials available to provide durability and best performance possible
  • Conductors made from Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) for best conductivity
  • 24K gold plated connectors
  • Zero-resistance and highly conductive material compsition for the plugs
  • CNC machined connector housings made from solid all-aluminium
  • Intermediate Polyurethane cable sleeve provides ultra-high stability and prevents from buckling
  • Outer cover made from ultra fine tinned copper

Individual cable characterization by Intona

  • We have defined our own standard for impedance continuity which is much more narrow compared to USB 2.0 specs
  • Step 1: application of Vector Network Analysis (VNA) to identify non-suitable parts of the raw cable
  • Step 2: cable Assembly and allocation of individual serial number
  • Step 3: next VNA measurement to set performance grade

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