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Protection of privacy

All data is transferred to our own secure server based in Germany using the latest web encryption technology. Personal information is not stored or tracked. By technical reasons collected data (e.g. logfiles) is neither analyzed to any personal information nor tracked and will be deleted not later than seven days after issued. We do not sell any data. We will not spam with unrelated, unnecessary or redundant messages.

European Union Dispute Resolution

The EU Commission has created an online platform for dispute resolution (“ODR platform”) available at: If the customer is a private person ("consumer") living in the European Union, this platform can be used to resolve disputes regarding contractual obligations from online contracts out of court. We are obligated to inform you of the existence of this platform and in this context also of our e-mail address shown on this page. We endeavour to solve any differences of opinion concerning contracts concluded with our customers amicably via our customer service. We are not obliged to participate in a dispute settlement.


Intona® and Intonatek® are registered trademarks of Intona Technology GmbH, Germany.
All other trademarks mentioned on this web site are property of their respective owners.

Environmental Protection

Durability, energy-efficiency and environmental protection are always our starting points when deciding on developments and manufacture. We specially select our suppliers and service providers based not only on their qualitative merits but also on their contributions to protecting the environment.
Example: this Internet server is run using 100% hydroelectric power.

RoHS Declaration of Conformity

All products manufactured and sold by Intona Technology GmbH conform to the Directive 2015/863/EU of the European Union on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (“RoHS 3“).

REACH Compliance Declaration

Intona Technology GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic products. In the sense of REACH, we are so called “downstream-user”. The products we supply are solely non-chemical products (goods). Moreover and under normal and reasonably foreseeable circumstances of application, the goods supplied to you shall not release any substance. For that, Intona Technology GmbH is neither obliged to the registration nor to the creation of a material safety data sheet (MSDS). Furthermore, we will immediately inform you in correspondence to REACH-Art. 33 in case of any substance of content (as from a content of >0.1 mass percent) in our goods will be classified alarming by the European Agency for Chemicals ECHA. Based on the current status however, we do not expect such an incidence.